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7 Signs Your Elderly Parents Should Stop Driving

When growing up, your parents have always looked out for you to ensure you get the best life possible. One of the essential things they have done for you is to ensure you get a driving license. They monitor you until they are sure you can drive with minimal supervision. As your parent’s age, the […]

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Myths of Senior Living - Gardens on Quail

The Top Five Myths Around Assisted Living

In this article, we will address some of the top myths around assisted living in Arvada and provide some information on what things are truly like when you move in. When you’re ready to move into an assisted living community, you may hear some myths about assisted living in Arvada. Some are outdated, while others […]

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At home vs. assisted living

Comparing Assisted Living in Arvada Vs. Care at Home

Deciding whether assisted living or care at home is best for your loved one. Assisted living communities and care at home are two top options for seniors. Read on to learn how to choose among them. Most families face difficult choices when a parent or senior family member needs assistance in their daily lives. Day-to-day […]

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Long term care insurance

How to Navigate Assisted Living and Long Term Care Insurance

It’s hard to imagine that you’ll ever need help taking care of yourself, but chances are, you will. Getting long-term care insurance is a good way to prepare for the inevitable. Whether you support or you’re against long-term care insurance, there are plenty of senior Americans who have chosen to protect themselves from potential financial […]

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How Senior Living Supports an Independent Lifestyle

Human beings are a social species. Interaction and activities with other people are needs that do not go away with age. Senior living provides a sense of community that is difficult to find if you are living by yourself. Other ways senior living supports an independent lifestyle include: 1. Stress-free family Often, as people age, […]

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Cross-Generational Understanding

The humor and information website Cracked.com recently published an article titled “5 Lies Millennials and Baby Boomers Believe About Each Other.” It sets out to debunk the generalizations often made by social and political commentators who lament the flaws of the young generation or the perceived loss of traditional values. But as the title suggests, it also […]

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Finding Good Roommates, Wherever You May Reside

There was an article that recently appeared in the Real Estate section of the New York Observer which described a program that exists in some localities to provide senior citizens with housing arrangements other than senior assisted living facilities. The specific example described by the article is the purview of New York Foundation for Senior Citizens, which deals in […]

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