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Dick Van Dyke has Advice for the Elderly

Did you know that Dick Van Dyke will be turning 90 years old in December? You wouldn’t think it to see him perform or watch his Vine videos, in which he dances in the grocery store and generally exhibits the energy that one tends to associate with a much younger man. His unusually active 80s […]

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Health Risk Assessments

A report published by Reuters Health this week points to the potential effectiveness of health risk assessments in increasing the longevity and quality of life for senior citizens, including residents of senior housing facilities. The report describes the results of a recently completed study, which compared elderly recipients of personalized assessments to a control group and found […]

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Risks from the Current Senior Housing Boom

An article at National Real Estate Investor recently took another look at the boom in the senior housing industry, which anticipates a major influx in demand in the next 10 years, as large numbers of baby boomers begin to require senior rehabilitation or the comfort and safety of senior housing facilities. The article expresses some concern about […]

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Experiencing Old Age while Still Young

An upcoming episode of The Bachelorette Australia took an inventive approach to helping a young couple to imagine a long life together: it gave them an opportunity to fast-forward about 50 years to experience a date as a pair of septuagenarians. The Daily Mail reported on the production of the episode, during which 26 year-old Sam Frost and […]

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Fitness for Seniors

Michigan’s Source Newspapers ran an article at the end of September explaining that the month had been designated Healthy Living Month by one area senior housing facility. Such a celebration is certainly a good idea for any senior housing or senior rehabilitation community, although it is of course a better idea to facilitate and encourage year-round healthy […]

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How to Move Your Parents into Assisted Living

Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility is a massive undertaking. It often takes time for the seniors to adjust and finally agree to moving away from the comfort of their homes. However, knowing how to handle the situation and the various challenges that come along with it can make it less stressful […]

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