Comparing Assisted Living in Arvada Vs. Care at Home

At home vs. assisted living

Deciding whether assisted living or care at home is best for your loved one.

Assisted living communities and care at home are two top options for seniors. Read on to learn how to choose among them.

Most families face difficult choices when a parent or senior family member needs assistance in their daily lives. Day-to-day responsibilities might make it harder for you to take care of your loved one, so you must think of how to help them – either through assisted living or in-home care.

Choosing between assisted living and care at home for a loved one can be complex. It also involves many factors, mainly personal and financial.

To decide whether assisted living or in-home care is best for your loved one, you should understand how they compare.

Differences Between In-Home Care and Assisted Living

Care At Home

Refers to the situation you hire a caregiver to help seniors throughout their daily living activities at home. As a result, your loved one lives safely and comfortably at home.

Some of the activities caregivers help with include;

• Bathing and dressing

• Toilet use

• Movement around the house

• Meal preparation

Seniors with special needs require you to hire professional medical care to attend to them at home. The home care therapists and nurses occasionally visit to check on the senior’s progress while under a caregiver.

Pros of In-home care

Costs can be comparatively lower if the senior does not exclusively depend on extensive care. Also, the caregiver’s skill level can influence the costs. Your loved one gets personally tailored care for their needs and preferences. They also interact and form bonds with a single caregiver, which helps with their interaction. Flexibility in care arrangements ensures the senior enjoys different combined services.

Cons of in-home care

The costs might go higher if the senior needs round-the-clock assistance. The prices also rise if the home needs modifications to meet the accessibility and safety needs of seniors. Care at home might leave your loved one isolated from society. Isolation for seniors can cause depression, among other health problems. The constant need for family involvement in managing caregivers can sometimes feel distracting.

The Pros and Cons of Assisted Living

Refers to areas where seniors live in a community away from home. Seniors in assisted living communities live in specially designated rooms or small apartments. They also enjoy a wide range of care to cater to the different services, including;

• Transportation

• Group activities

• Housekeeping

• Meals

• Specialized services like Physical therapy


Seniors receive top-notch care that can be ramped up as need be. Assisted living facilities to have all types of caregivers within their staff, so they can attend to the seniors whenever necessary. Most caregiving decisions are separate from the family. You won’t have to worry about hiring caregivers. Assisted living communities offer a low cost of care since they create a resource pool. Your loved one enjoys top-notch care at affordable rates. Guaranteed top-notch care since assisted living professionals focus on meeting the senior’s needs. Residents of the assisted living facilities enjoy safe dietary care since these communities have an in-house chef. Seniors have a better chance of interacting with other residents within the community. Social interaction allows the seniors to feel at peace.


1. Some seniors might enjoy the group living environment. The frequent staff shift changes in assisted living facilities make one-on-one care less consistent.

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Knowledge about assisted living and in-home care make choosing among them less complex. Assisted living for your loved ones is ideal since they have access to incredible amenities in a warm and engaging environment.

Assisted living in Arvada Colorado offers a host of on-site amenities to its residents. Our staff is ready to deliver professional and discreet care to ensure your loved one gets the best possible quality of life.

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