Dick Van Dyke has Advice for the Elderly

Did you know that Dick Van Dyke will be turning 90 years old in December? You wouldn’t think it to see him perform or watch his Vine videos, in which he dances in the grocery store and generally exhibits the energy that one tends to associate with a much younger man. His unusually active 80s have not gone unnoticed, and this has led to the recent release of his bookKeep Moving and Other Tips and Truths About Aging.

Van Dyke brings particular authority to the familiar message “it’s never too late.” He uses his own expertise to urge people of any age to take up exercise, to continue pursuing activities that are of interest to them, and to find love. Such things may become more difficult as one ages, but people like Dick Van Dyke demonstrate that they’re still possible, and still worthwhile.

Of course, he has unique resources and opportunities, being an enormously successful entertainer. But even people in very different circumstances of life can find the support structure to keep moving. In many cases, this comes in the form of the staff and fellow residency of senior housing facilities and senior rehabilitation centers.

The Colorado senior rehabilitation services offered by Gardens on Quail certainly provide elderly persons with the opportunity for effective daily exercise, at whatever level of strenuousness their bodies can handle. As Van Dyke observes in his book, just a couple of minutes at a time can make a difference and bring back some former energy, even if you’re in your 70s or 80s, or pushing 90.

Gardens on Quail also offers elderly residents of the Boulder area a senior housing experience that includes social interaction and structured activities that might allow a person to more easily follow Van Dyke’s other advice as well. All in all, we hope that those experiences and opportunities will allow you to mirror his energy and joy at an equally advanced age.