Elderly Citizens Help Election Day to Run Smoothly

Election Day was this past Tuesday in the United States. This year’s races may not have garnered much controversy or brought many people to the polls in certain localities – unlike what we can expect from next year’s federal elections – but every Election Day has the potential to draw attention to the social and civic roles filled by our nation’s elderly.

An article in a Central New York newspaper, for instance, pointed out that the vast majority of the area’s election workers are senior citizens and that they each woke at 5:00 AM to man the polls for a full 16 hours. And of course, these demographics obtain across the country, for two reasons. It is the elderly more than any others who tend to be able to make this investment of time, and it is they who tend to be among the most active participants in the political process.

Elections are just one example of the ways in which retirees and the residents of senior housing facilities might remain active in their own lives, engaged in their communities, and important to the smooth functioning of American society. While it is likely that most elderly poll workers are still living independently, one hopes that interested residents of senior assisted living facilities would be given the opportunity to participate as well.

Indeed, senior housing should provide residents with in-facility tasks, entertainment, and social engagement, but it should also encourage outside interests. It should never stifle residents or prevent the able-bodied from moving about in the community beyond the walls of their assisted living residence. And persons seeking senior housing in Colorado can rest assured that Gardens on Quail staff will make every effort to facilitate long-term participation in events and activities outside of our grounds.