Experiencing Old Age while Still Young

An upcoming episode of The Bachelorette Australia took an inventive approach to helping a young couple to imagine a long life together: it gave them an opportunity to fast-forward about 50 years to experience a date as a pair of septuagenarians.

The Daily Mail reported on the production of the episode, during which 26 year-old Sam Frost and 30 year-old Richie Strahan spent four hours in makeup chairs before seeing what each of them might look like in the future, then going to a senior center for what the young lady described as “honestly the best date of the whole series.”

We think their date could easily stand as a metaphor for the experience that modern senior housing tends to try to provide: one that preserves much of the energy and passion of youth, even beneath the physical appearance and social settings of elderly life.

If the cameras captured the young couple having as good a time as Ms. Frost suggests, the young generation may have even greater expectations about senior housing than today’s retirees. But while that generation enjoys its youth, we’ll be working on realizing their vision of senior housing well ahead of time, so their parents and grandparents can benefit from the same fun and active setting.