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"The staff is top-notch and very friendly. I really like the nurses. The activity staff is very friendly and fun. I appreciate that I was treated as an individual and met my individual needs. I had some concerns that I addressed with Terrie, the concierge, and she was able to resolve them."


"If you go anywhere else you are out of your mind. You won’t find any other place that will take as good of care as the staff here. The care was phenomenal! I made some great friends here that I will stay In touch. Carrie is a great therapist. She pushed me to be stronger and accomplish my goals. She is the best physical therapist I have ever had."


"If you need therapy or whatever to get back on your feet. you need to come here. and all the people that are here are just beautiful. they are here to get well just like me. tell the big bosses that it’s an A plus from me."


"This is the best place my mom has ever been. I love that there is an alternative menu. The staff is cheerful and helpful. The place is very clean. Beautiful grounds. We are so thankful to be here."


"Good place to be! 5 Stars! I think the service has been excellent...the staff has been more than helpful and friendly. I have been more than happy here."

Mary Ann

"I think I would recommend this location because of the comprehensive care, that its clean, the caretakers are very good and caring."


"Good experience for me A nice homey feeling. I have been very pleased by the attention. It has a very homey feeling and it is a nice environment I love Wanda in laundry — she is truly a delight. I would have liked to have had a schedule of therapy times. I would definitely come back."


"Its clean and new and beautiful. they have a top notch physical therapy gym. very nice rooms. I was spoiled. the courtyard is gorgeous. I wish I had more time to hang out there. everything is easy access, and the service is very good, with great views. I would absolutely recommend this to somebody. I hope I come back here for rehab."


"I was there for two weeks, I went in not even walking with a walker, and they worked hard with me. If you work hard with them they will get you walking again. I am almost walking without a walker now. if you don’t want to get better don’t go there. cause they will get you going. the food is ok. the staff is great."


"The staff took very good care of me. I had great recommendations from others who had been here before and had a great experience and they were right!"


"I received excellent care and a surprising amount of attention from everyone. The attitude of everyone is very positive. It is very bright and clean. It is a very relaxing and bright sunshiny place to be. Lots of windows! I’m very impressed with everything."


"Everyone was so friendly. I loved being here. I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Horton’s dog."


"I feel like I can move forward in a healthy way. Friendly and professional staff."


"This has got to be one of the nicest facilities I have ever been in. This is a great place to be!! The appearance of this building is amazing. Some things had to be tweaked when I got here that wasn’t anyone’s fault and people communicated with me to fix things. I really appreciated that."


"This is one of the most remarkable places I could have been to get the therapy I needed."


"I love being here! The facility is beautiful and everyone is so friendly and caring. If you have any choice of where to go choose this place. the care is excellent ant the people are wonderful. I’ve been here before. when they told me I had to go to rehabilitation and asked me where I wanted to go I told them here. they asked me what my second choice was I said here. Perdencia is so great.  God bless her."


"I really felt the services were excellent. I came in at 5:00pm on Saturday. and was evaluated the next day by therapy. and the food is excellent here. the staff is very professional and you can tell by everyone that they have a number one commitment of the facility to make everyone comfortable."


"I would highly recommend this place to anybody."


"Excellent! If I ever need rehab again, this is where I will come. The staff is friendly and very professional. People were very willing to meet my needs or get me whatever I needed."


"This place has been stellar."


"I would give this facility 6 stars, not 5! Friendly, agreeable, listeners, good business people."


"The medical care has been good. I would rate that a 5. I think OT, PT is good and I would rate that a 5. The CNA have all been extremely helpful and cheerful. I commend them all."


"You will achieve your goals here."


"5 Stars! The level of care and concern is why I would recommend this facility to a friend."


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