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The humor and information website recently published an article titled “5 Lies Millennials and Baby Boomers Believe About Each Other.” It sets out to debunk the generalizations often made by social and political commentators who lament the flaws of the young generation or the perceived loss of traditional values.

There was an article that recently appeared in the Real Estate section of the New York Observer which described a program that exists in some localities to provide senior citizens with housing arrangements other than senior assisted living facilities.

Recognizing that the world needed some respite from bad news, the youth-oriented news site Vibe made a point of sharing a photograph that is quickly gaining popularity on the internet for its depiction of human kindness.

When looking through the news in virtually any locality, it is generally not a long time before one comes across a story of elderly people who have simply gone missing. Fortunately, many of them are recovered safely, but the danger is always present and always serious, especially among senior citizens who are living on their own and have been resistant to senior housing facilities despite early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Election Day was this past Tuesday in the United States. This year’s races may not have garnered much controversy or brought many people to the polls in certain localities – unlike what we can expect from next year’s federal elections – but every Election Day has the potential to draw attention to the social and civic roles filled by our nation’s elderly.

Did you know that Dick Van Dyke will be turning 90 years old in December? You wouldn’t think it to see him perform or watch his Vine videos, in which he dances in the grocery store and generally exhibits the energy that one tends to associate with a much younger man. His unusually active 80s have not gone unnoticed, and this has led to the recent release of his book, Keep Moving and Other Tips and Truths About Aging.

A report published by Reuters Health this week points to the potential effectiveness of health risk assessments in increasing the longevity and quality of life for senior citizens, including residents of senior housing facilities. The report describes the results of a recently completed study, which compared elderly recipients of personalized assessments to a control group and found significant differences in physical activity and acquisition of important preventative medicine.

An article at National Real Estate Investor recently took another look at the boom in the senior housing industry, which anticipates a major influx in demand in the next 10 years, as large numbers of baby boomers begin to require senior rehabilitation or the comfort and safety of senior housing facilities.

An upcoming episode of The Bachelorette Australia took an inventive approach to helping a young couple to imagine a long life together: it gave them an opportunity to fast-forward about 50 years to experience a date as a pair of septuagenarians.

Michigan’s Source Newspapers ran an article at the end of September explaining that the month had been designated Healthy Living Month by one area senior housing facility. Such a celebration is certainly a good idea for any senior housing or senior rehabilitation community, although it is of course a better idea to facilitate and encourage year-round healthy living.


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