Senior Health: How To Keep Your Loved Ones Mind Sharp as You Age

Keeping your Mind Sharp as You Age

The aging process is inevitable and the brain undergoes a number of changes that can affect cognitive function. The most common change in older adults is a reduction in attention, memory loss, or dementia. These deficits are caused by many factors including vascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, medications, substance abuse, head injury, stroke, etc. As we get older, the volume of our brain decreases. This impairs the connections between different parts of the brain. Below are some ways to sharpen your mind:

Keep Your Body in Shape by Walking

A study conducted by researchers in Sweden revealed that being active for at least 30 minutes a day can add years to your life. Not only does being active help keep you young, but it can also improve your longevity. Getting too busy can make it hard to exercise as you get older. Instead, focusing on walking is a great way to keep up with the exercise. Walking is less intensive on your body than running and has similar benefits. 

Mind Your Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is key to keeping your mind on point as you age. Which diet is the best for the aging mind? The Mediterranean Diet is a great way to keep both your brain and your heart healthy. It limits red meat to a few times a month and encourages whole grains and fish. A study published in 2013 revealed that a Mediterranean diet, which includes olive oil and nuts, can help lower a person’s risk of suffering from cognitive decline. The diet can also reduce a person’s heart attacks and strokes.

Maintain Family Bonds for Senior Health

Family connections can help seniors feel loved and fulfilled. It can also improve their mental health. Being surrounded by people who care about them can help them get the help they need when they need it. Being in touch with others helps keep our cognitive function at a high level. Also, staying in contact with our families and close friends can help lower our risk of Alzheimer’s. At Gardens on Quail, we highly encourage visits from family members to join us for meals and games scheduled here year-round.

As you age and change, so do your social circles. Family is the one connection that will always remain constant even as your social networks change. There are also physical benefits of having a strong family bond. Social seniors tend to have stronger immune systems than younger ones. Being around one’s family can also help improve one’s mental health. Having a good relationship with them can also help lower one’s anxiety. Active and socially engaged older people tend to have a higher level of cognition. This is because the more they are involved in social activities, the more they improve their thinking skills.

Mental and physical well-being is at the top of our priorities here at the Gardens on Quail. We welcome you to check out our activities area of grounds as part of our tour.