The Elderly as Helpers of the Young

Recognizing that the world needed some respite from bad news, the youth-oriented news site Vibe made a point of sharing a photograph that is quickly gaining popularity on the internet for its depiction of human kindness.

And we feel that the image of an old man spontaneously teaching a young man how to tie a tie actually depicts far more than that. It shows the usefulness of the elderly in a society that often seems exclusively oriented toward the young. It is a depiction of the wisdom and practical skills that have been acquired over a long lifetime and stand ready to be imparted to those who need them.

To those senior citizens living in senior housing facilities, this sort of picture will hopefully inspire them with the confidence that they still have a role to play in the lives of people around them, even if those people are strangers.

We might also hope that the staff of senior housing facilities in Colorado and across the country will see these sorts of images as a reason to make sure that they give their residents ample opportunity to get out and interact with their community and make full use of the knowledge and wisdom they have acquired.

By the same token, we might anticipate that some of the young people who are sharing the above-mentioned photo will now see the elderly people around them in a new light. And perhaps some of them will take an interest in visiting, volunteering, or pursuing job opportunities in senior housing and senior rehabilitation facilities such as Gardens on Quail.