What is a Senior Move Manager and Why Do You Need One?

Although the idea of living in a new house might sound exciting to some people, it is hard to find anyone who enjoys moving. This is because the process can be quite physically and mentally taxing. For seniors who have spent decades settling into a home, memories and emotions can run deep, making the process even more complicated. This is where the services of senior move managers come in handy. But what is a senior move manager, and why should you hire one?

What Is a Senior Move Manager?

A senior move manager is a moving professional who specializes in helping seniors to smoothly downsize and transition to senior living communities or other housing programs. Therefore, if your elderly parents’ mobility and cognitive ability have deteriorated to a point where they need the additional care offered in an assisted care facility, a senior moving manager can help you handle this difficult transition efficiently.

Why Hire a Senior Move Manager?

Moving can be an extremely difficult process for seniors. By working with a senior move manager, you can make the process easier and less stressful. Below are some of the reasons you should seek the services of a senior move manager.

Enable Seniors to Downsize with Dignity

When a person has spent several decades in a home, they fill it with possessions that remind them of the places and people they love. Letting such things go can be quite difficult for seniors, and this can frustrate their adult children. Senior move managers deal with such situations daily, and they can offer creative solutions to help seniors part with some of their belongings without necessarily parting with their precious memories.

Allow Seniors to Feel in Charge of the Transition

Without adequate preparations, some seniors might feel like the transition is something that is happening to them as opposing to something that they have decided to do. You can avoid this by working with a senior move manager. The move manager will emotionally prepare your senior parent for the move to ensure that they feel in charge of the transition.

Prevent Family Conflict

Conflicting personalities in a family coupled with the stress of moving can lead to heated arguments among children and their elderly parents. Some children may see fit to take their aging parent to a senior living facility, while others may oppose the idea. A senior move manager can help a family deal with such challenges by calmly providing an objective perspective and guiding family members throughout the process.

Save Money

Experienced senior move managers understand the ins and outs of the moving industry. This means that they know the best moving companies offering the best rates around. Therefore, they will help you minimize the cost of moving, and consequently, save some money.

The Bottom Line

If you would like to assist your elderly parent in downsizing with dignity, seek the services of a senior move manager. This will not only save you more money but also make the transition smoother.